What To Bring Back Home From Your Chicago Trip

Make some room in your carry on because it’s time to learn which local products you should bring back to your home.  In Chicago, we love our food and booze, so most of this list will include these items. Buying a tshirt with Chicago written on it is the easy way out. When you visit any city, you want to bring a piece of it back with you. You want something your friends can’t pick up down the street at the grocery store. Bring something back that has a unique Chicago story attached to it. If you have to get a t shirt at least get one that includes a beloved Chicago sports team (Go Cubs Go).

Lou Malnati’s Frozen Deep Dish Pizza

Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza
Deep dish pizza is a controversial pizza style that was mastered in Chicago. It’s such a dividing style of food for such a universally loved type of food. Regardless of what others think, you have to try it for yourself once you find yourself in the Windy City. You either love it on that first bite or think to yourself  “how could anyone prefer this over thin crust?”. This item is for the former. If you love Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza, there’s great news for you, you can bring it home frozen or have it delivered (if you’re in United States). Learn more on how to bring home Chicago’s most famous dish here http://www.loumalnatis.com/ship-lous. If you’re a good friend or lover, you can ship them a pizza as well.


Malort Liqueur
Where to begin with this strange gross as a shot, but delicious when mixed correctly Liqueur? Well Sweden has Aquavit, Ireland has Jameson, Japan has Saki, and Chicago has Malort. Malort is a liquor that is made from potatoes, grain, and wormwood. It’s based off a Nordic liqueur called bäsk brännvin. It is very easy to find in any liquor store in Chicago, but very hard to find anywhere else. Many people who have their first shot of Malort never have another shot again. To say it’s an acquired taste would be an understatement. It’s a great novelty to have at a party for anyone who loses any sort of game or just generally tricking them into take a shot. We’re being a little harsh on Malort, some people actually enjoy the taste of it. We’ve never personally met them, but we’ve heard.


Revolution Antihero
We couldn’t decide on a single must bring home beer made in Chicago, because there are just too many. So instead our writer (Hi!), will pick some local favorites that he feels should make the trip back home for consumption and reliving of Chicago memories.

Easy Beers to Find:
Anti Hero – Revolution Brewing
Daisy Cutter – Half Acre Brewery
Sidekick – Two Brothers Brewery
Spiteful – Spiteful Brewery

Hard Beers to Find but if You Find Them You Have to Buy Them:
Bourbon County Stout – Goose Island Brewery
Zombie Dust – Three Floyd’s Brewery

Garrett’s Popcorn

Garrett's Popcorn
The most delicious popcorn in the world. There’s a reason there is always a line out the door for Garrett’s popcorn all day. Fortunately, there’s a Garrett’s popcorn at O’hare airport at Terminal 1 and 3, so if you don’t have time to wait in line during your trip, you can pick up a bag on your way out. Of all the things we’ve suggested so far on this list, Garrett’s is a must over all of them. It’s really easy to bring back , doesn’t take up a lot of space and is so darn good. They even have little goody bags at Garrett’s stores, so you can bring back little bags for family and friends. The big bag should be kept for yourself and consumed in one sitting while watching a movie, preferably Blues Brothers.

Frango Mints

Frango mints
Made popular by the Marshall Field’s department store, Frango mints are a chocolate truffle typically flavored mint. While the mints we’re originally sold in Seattle department store Frederick & Nelson, Chicago based Marshall fields acquired the department store and the Frango brand. Recently Marshall Fields was bought by Macy’s and is now sold there. However, you can find the chocolate truffles all around Chicago. We’re not saying they’re up there with the finest Belgian chocolates of the world, but they are very tasty and have been associated with Chicago for a very long time.

So there you have it, booze, pizza, popcorn and chocolate. The pinnacles of true human indulgence. Small representations of one of the best cities on earth that you can bring home on your carry on. Enjoy!