We Now Have Beer!

Holiday Jones is pleased to announce that they are now serving adult beverages. 5411 Empanadas located within Holiday Jones, now offers a variety of beers on draft as well as wine. We would love to give list of all the beers we have on draft, but it’s such a new thing that the current writer doesn’t actually know all the beers on draft (sorry will update asap). However, he does know that there will be a rotation of various local craft beers as well as some of the best beers from around the country. Bottled beer and wine will also be available.

So be sure to grab a drink upon check in (only if you’re 21. Sorry European friends we’re a bit uptight about the booze here). Nothing taste better after a long day of travel than an adult beverage. It just taste better when you’re on a trip, it’s science.

Remember all of our guests at Holiday Jones get a 10% discount at our on site restaurant 5411 Empanadas.

Click Here to see the full 5411 Empanada menu