Seinfeld @ Chicago Theatre

Last summer, despite what everyone says about giant venue shows and over-the-hill performers, we went to see Paul McCartney at Wrigley Field.  Would it have been better to see McCartney at a smaller venue?  Yes.  Would it have been better to see McCartney 4-decades ago?  Of course.  But despite the diminished quality of the overall concert experience, are we still happy that we got to see a Beatle play a live show?  You bet your tootie we are.

That’s why we’re definitely going to see the Paul McCartney of broadcast television play the Chicago Theatre this weekend.  It may not be the ideal venue for comedy, and Seinfeld may not be the scrappy, spry, comic he once was, but he is the vessel that delivered the single greatest 4-camera sitcom in the history of TV.  Even if Seinfeld didn’t tell jokes and just stood motionless on stage for an hour, we’d still be there.  For the same reason that we go to the Art Institute and stare at Monet’s Water Lillies.  It’s the physical embodiment of human greatness and we want to be in awe.