Morrissey Playing Chicago Civic Opera House

I know Holiday is technically in our name and, therefore, it’s somewhat expected that we always have a jovial, fun, gregarious demeanor.  While that is generally true, one of our favorite past times is sitting alone in our bedroom with the lights off, crying our eyes out, contemplating the cruel, misfortunes of the world while listening to the soothing, melodramatic, vocal expressions of Steven Patrick Morrissey at full volume.

Only Morrissey truly knows our pain.

And he’ll have the opportunity to publicly wring it from us on June 13th when Morrissey plays the Chicago Civic Opera House.  The only questions that now remain are: (a) will Morrissey actually play Chicago this time, or will he break our hearts and cancel like he’s done so many time before; and (b) will this finally be our opportunity to break past security, scurry on stage and make physical contact with the exalted legend that is Morrissey.

Please, please, please, please.