Millennium Park Ice Skating

Shakespeare once said, “all’s well that ends well.”  That may explain our endearing affection for 1991’s Delirious.  It may, in part, have to do with the fact that John Candy plays the lead and, as Chicagoans, we have a soft spot in our hearts for Second City alum.  But primarily, our fondness is intertwined with the closing scene where Candy and Mariel Hemingway ice skate in the park while the camera pans way out.  WAY OUT!  It’s probably the most expensive shot in the entire movie.  It’s like they were $500,000 under budget when they finished shooting and decided to blow everything left in their coffers on some completely non-essential helicopter cinematography.  Here’s a refresher:

It’s the same sentiment captured in this forgotten flick that really makes us excited about the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink opening to the public this Sunday.  The ice is free, but the skate rental is $10.