International Mr. Leather Weekend

Oh, what? Just because we’re going to the International Mr. Leather Weekend, you think that means something? Like just because we’re going all the way to Park West to watch buffed out dudes from around the world sport skin-tight black leather and mince about on stage

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while grinding on one another, as well as inanimate objects, in a competitive, objective manner, that we’re into some sort of alternative lifestyle? Like the fact that we’ll be hanging out in a sweaty hot room with a bunch of strange males dressed like a cross between Rob Halford and the gimp, means we have some sort of unorthodox proclivities? How dare you, sir (or madam)! You can be into male-on-male homoerotic competitive bondage cat walking and simply appreciate it for the totally non-sexual art form that it is. We can’t believe you’d even imply otherwise. Get your mind out of the gutter! We’re only going for the sport,you sicko.