Holiday Jones Featured on

The inquisitive folks over at AOL Time Warner subsidiary were nice enough to pen a (diffidently) positive article all about Holiday Jones (with a small nod to a handful of other hospitality establishments around the country).

A few noteworthy rectifications:

1.  The article makes reference to a “dialed-in staff” that know the area’s best restaurants. We wouldn’t say any of us are really dialed-in to “best” restaurants. It’s really more that we are compulsive gluttons that are constantly, and often indiscriminately, looking for venue’s to stuff our, ever-widening, faces. For example, yesterday, we got slices of Patate e Rosmarino from neighboring pizza pie hole, Pizza Metro, and washed them down with a couple of High Life tall boys at nearby slashy, Rite Liquors. Then for dinner, we treated ourselves to truffled grilled cheese sandwiches and citra-hopped double IPAs across the street at Bangers & Lace. So, to clarify, we’re not selective. If there’s a places that (a) serves food; and/or (b) serves booze; and (c) is within walking distance of 1659 W. Division St., we’re all about it.

2.  Despite what the article says, we have no age restrictions, per se. If you’re under 18-years old, you must be accompanied by someone over 18. (And that’s 18-years old in HUMAN YEARS. Don’t try to pull that “but I’m 46 in pelican years” defense here.) Aside from that, there’s no age restriction on who can stay at Holiday Jones.

3.  Who is “Madeline Rawski”?  We’ve never even heard of that person.