HAIM @ The Riviera Theatre

At Holiday Jones, our frontdesk is basically a novelty DJ booth built out of speakers and therefore, must have music played out of it at all times.  As a company, our tastes run the gamut: Robby likes R&B; Madeline likes indie rock that was popular 10-years ago; Nyle likes whoever’s playing Lollapalooza this year; J.J. likes 60’s French pop, and I like music that involves adult men screaming about their feelings.  While we tolerate each other’s music, we don’t always enjoy it. But the one band that we can all agree on is HAIM.

This show at the Riviera Theatre (originally scheduled to be the Vic) will probably be Chicago’s last chance to see them before they retreat to record the inevitable follow-up to their wildly successful Days Are Gone.

Here they are being interviewed by a Canadian napkin: