Free Comedy Show at Innertown

Not into American Football?  (Or alternatively) Into American Football, but deeply bummed that your hometown team lost to the Patriots earlier in the afternoon?  Then might we recommend the Innertown Pub’s Sunday Night Comedy Show?  What better way to wash away the anxiety of being trapped in a consumerist society almost uniformly obsessed with the act of millionaires in matching uniforms running into each other at full speed than sitting inside a poorly lit dive bar watching strangers cobble together spoken comedy in 5-20 minute increments?  Every Sunday, local comedians perform (if you want to call it that) for free.  The (sometimes) funny Jerry Tran hosts with all your favorites comedians from Comedysportz, iO, and Second City.  And even in the show’s bad, how can you dispute the value of Innertown’s $2 pints, free pool, and photo booth?  You can’t!

Innertown Pub can be found at 1935 W. Thomas St.  Just a few blocks from Holly Jones.