Best Pictures From Lollapalooza Weekend

We scoured through the entire internets to find what we consider the absolute best pictures from Lollapalooza weekend 2015… actually we just searched the hashtag #lolla on Instagram and picked whatever pictures we thought looked cool (much time was lost  when our editor went down a rabbit hole when he found the edm babes hashtag). Lollapalooza 2015 was a complete success with the exception of some bad weather. However, that bad weather provided a stunning natural light show for the entire city of Chicago last night. If you stayed at Holiday Jones or Urban Holiday Lofts this past weekend and went to the show, send us your pics and we will post them below. Post the pictures to our Facebook page here

Nice shot of skyline with Lollapalooza logo and the sky looks cool too

Lollapalooza Chicago skyline


Crowd evacuates Lollapalooza due to sever weather only to be treated to a spectacular light show that would make Pink Floyd weep.

lightning all over chicago


We’re kind of embarrassed but at first we were not entirely sure if that was the sun or moon. Regardless it’s a nice shot of Grant park and skyline during the festival.

moon over lollapalooza

Twenty one pilots band member (any kids out there know which one?) does a back flip off the piano. We assumed he nailed the landing, but seriously what an awesome shot.

twenty one pilots backflip


Really felt this one captures how huge this festival is. From one main stage all the way across to the other. Looking at it just makes you sweaty.

lollapalooza grant park crowd


More shots of the lightning as the crowd evacuates Lollapalooza.

lightning in chicago at lollapalooza

Not sure who the artist is in this picture, but we thought it was worth of posting regardless.

onstage at lollapalooza


Had to get Sir Paul in there.

paul McCartney at lollapalooza


Just a dude hanging from a tree.


Birds eye view of crowd from the main stage.

crowd at lollapalooza from stage