Awaiting Council on Tall Buildings to Confirm Superiority of Willis Tower

Any day now, the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat will issue a deciding ruling on which building is taller: the Willis Tower or, up-and-comer, One World Trade Center.  Experts will tell you it comes down to a technical ruling on the categorization of World Trade Center’s upper mast as either a spire or broadcast antenna.

But to us at Holiday Jones, it doesn’t really matter what the Council decides.  Willis Tower will always be the tallest to us.  One World Trade Center’s for the birds.  Does it have a sky deck?  Has it been scaled?  Was it featured in Transformers: Dark of the Moon?  No?  We thought not.  We don’t need some council to tell us what we already know.  Willis Tower is number one, and always will be.

In fact, we still call it Sears Tower.  And it exists in a city where Mayor Daley still runs the show, Michael Jordan dominates the court at the United Center, Liz Phair is headlining the coffee shop down the street, Mike Ditka coaches the undefeated Bears, and Ferris Bueller is in the midst of committing an extended act of grand theft auto, but in a totally non-threatening, slice of life sort of way.