Art & Appetite @ Art Institute

We can’t have something new without getting rid of something old.  So as we welcome the new year, we must say peace out to the wonderful Art and Appetite: American Painting, Culture, and Cuisine exhibit at the Art Institute.

Boy, did we have some good time there.  We saw that Andy Warhol soup can, we saw that Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner, we saw Nighthawks, and all those pies!  Oh, the things we saw.  It’s a shame the exposé can’t go on forever, but alas, nothing lasts forever, and certainly few things are more fleeting than modern art.  If you already saw it once, it’s a solid candidate for the rare art exhibit worthy of a second visit.  And if you haven’t seen it at all yet, what the hell are you waiting for?  Stunning modern art to come to you?  To kick open your bedroom door and gracefully present itself to you while you recline on your IKEA office furniture and eat Bugles?  This isn’t Netflix.  Please do yourself a favor and catch it while you still can.  You have until 8pm on January 27th.