When our web designer told us that our blog needed to have specific categories that people could search, we said, “great.”  We write about all sorts of stuff, just give us categories, and we’ll give you blog posts.  We can handle it.

But now that we’re several weeks, and several posts, in, it’s become very apparent to us that we’re not nearly as cultured or dynamic as we once thought.  Don’t get us wrong, some categories we have no trouble cultivating material for.  Nightlife?  Simple.  Chicago?  Yeah, that’s everything.  Food?  We’re eating as we type this.  But Architecture?  Geeze.  How often is a new building even built?  Like hardly ever.  We eat about 800,000-meals and drink about 1,000,000-cocktails in the time it takes for one building to be built.  What were we thinking when we came up with the Architecture category?  Why can’t Chicago be famous for something we’re more familiar with like napping or not flossing?

That’s why we were super stoked when our friends over at Defibrillator Gallery told us about their newest show, Architectonic.  It’s got “architect” right in the name!  Architecture category box: CHECK!  Thank you, Defibrillator.


Performances that embrace architecture

SAT 11.23.13 @ 8PM to midnight

  • Live work by Zephyr Whitney Huber
  • Videos by Alan & Michael Fleming
  • Music by DJ Jordan James