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Best Places to Watch NFL Games in Wicker Park

Now that the NFL season is upon us, you may be wondering where in Wicker Park y

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Holiday Jones Featured on Money.com

The inquisitive folks over at AOL Time Warner subsidiary Money.com were nice enough to pen a (diffidently) positive article all about Holiday Jones (with a small nod to a handful of other hospitality establishments around the country). A few noteworthy rectifications: 1.  The article makes reference to a “dialed-in staff” that know the area’s best   


Holiday Jones Ranks All of Alkaline Trio’s Albums

In honor of our hometown (particularly Wicker Park) heroes, Alkaline Trio, announcing that they will be playing every one of their albums, in-full, live at the Metro this October, we decided to dust off our old compact disc collection, listen to all eight records, then rank them from not-so-greatest to greatest. 8. Agony & Irony (2008) –   


Randolph Street Market Festival

We feel like “I’m getting married” is the new, “I could never get married.”  It’s like how the buttoned-down double windsor knotting and brill creamery of the Don Draper early 60s led to the dirt bag, bearded Cheech & Chong-dom of the 70s.  All those people with their inability to foresee themselves locked into a   


Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival

We’ve got a lot of thoughts about the people down the street at the Defibrillator Gallery.  On one hand, we love them.  They’re all super nice, super fun, super sexy, super jokey people.  Their director staged all the photos you see on the Holiday Jones site.  For a bunch of art school grads, they’re unexpectedly   


Acts We’re Most Excited to See and Avoid at 2014 Chicago Riot Fest

Now that the 2014 Chicago Riot Fest line-up is out, it’s time to meticulously go through the list and declare outloud to no one in particular which bands we’re most excited about seeing (which all but cosmically guarantees that the about-to-be mentioned bands will be scheduled to play at the same time on different stages,   


International Mr. Leather Weekend

Oh, what? Just because we’re going to the International Mr. Leather Weekend, you think that means something? Like just because we’re going all the way to Park West to watch buffed out dudes from around the world sport skin-tight black leather and mince about on stage The removed recommend little misfortune mail order antibiotics canada   


HAIM @ The Riviera Theatre

At Holiday Jones, our frontdesk is basically a novelty DJ booth built out of speakers and therefore, must have music played out of it at all times.  As a company, our tastes run the gamut: Robby likes R&B; Madeline likes indie rock that was popular 10-years ago; Nyle likes whoever’s playing Lollapalooza this year; J.J. likes   


Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago 2014 Line-up Announced

There’s something so surreal about the 2014 Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago being announced right now.  It’s hard to imagine on days like today, in weeks like this week, in months like this month, in Winters like this Winter, that there even is a Summer in Chicago.  That expansive tracts of green grass can be cleared   


Morrissey Playing Chicago Civic Opera House

I know Holiday is technically in our name and, therefore, it’s somewhat expected that we always have a jovial, fun, gregarious demeanor.  While that is generally true, one of our favorite past times is sitting alone in our bedroom with the lights off, crying our eyes out, contemplating the cruel, misfortunes of the world while   


Pitchfork Music Festival 2014

Arguably Chicago’s best music festival (a very crowded category), the Pitchfork Music Festival, will be returning to Union Park this July for it’s ninth consecutive year.  Who’s playing?  Who gives a crud?  It’s going to be totally rad.  Stop asking questions and buy your tickets already.