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Best Places to Watch NFL Games in Wicker Park

Now that the NFL season is upon us, you may be wondering where in Wicker Park y

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Lollapalooza Preparation Guide

Lollapalooza is a huge weekend for Chicago. An influx of travelers from all around the world are coming to town to partake in one of the biggest music festivals in the country. This year is poised to be awesome with huge headliners like Paul McCartney, Metallica, Alt-j and the Alabama Shakes. It’s also going to be   


Best of Chicago Roof Top Bars: Part 2

Let’s keep the elevated drinking going strong with part 2 of “Best of Chicago Roof Top Bars”. We’re going to cover a lot of ground on this edition both vertically and laterally. Grab your drink and let’s get started on round 2 of Best of Chicago Roof Top Bars. The J. Parker Website: http://www.jparkerchicago.com/ Where: 1816 N   


Best of Chicago Roof Top Bars: Part 1

The summer in Chicago comes and goes way too fast. By the time the weather is consistently warm, fall is just a month a way. When it is a nice hot day in Chicago, you can rest assure every roof top bar in Chicago will be at capacity with locals enjoying their drinking time outside   


Fun Things To Do On Lake Michigan in Chicago

One of Chicago’s best attributes is the huge ocean like lake that sits right next to it…Lake Michigan. In the summer time the lake is thriving. If we showed you a pic of a beach in Miami and one in Chicago on a nice summer day, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. In   


Visiting Chicago On A Budget: Tour Edition

Last week we posted on how to visit Chicago on a budget: Food Edition. This week’s Chicago on a Budget will go over free and cheap/discounted tours. There are a lot of tours that take place all over Chicago (check out our Chicago tours page here to see all tours going on Chicago). However, tours   


Visiting Chicago on a Budget: Food Edition

While Chicago might not be the most expensive city in the US (see New York, Honolulu San Francisco, and Washington D.C.), visitors can rack up quite the bill if they’re not paying attention. Traveling on a budget can be tough especially when visiting a major city like Chicago. If you’re staying at our hostel, you’re   


Why Hostels Are Becoming More Popular in the US

Hostels have long been associated as a European way to travel, specifically for young backpackers on a budget. Recently there has been a new trend within the hostel world involving upscale hostels. This new trend has brought on some heavy hitting investors such as AllienceBerstein LP and Invesco LTD, to invest in major hostel chains like   


Photos of Blackhawks Stanley Cup Celebrations in Chicago

Last night the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup against the Tampa Bay Lightning, 2 – 0. This is the 3rd Stanley Cup victory in 6 seasons, making the Blackhawks an official hockey dynasty. Fans gathered in the streets all over Chicago last night to celebrate the historic win. Check out our slideshow to see pictures   


The Chicago Pride Parade is Coming!

While it might not be the biggest parade in Chicago, the Chicago Pride Parade makes up for it by being the most fun. It’s more one big party that happens to have a parade going on during said party. This years parade will take place on Sunday June 28th, 2015. For full event details visit   


The Best Streets in Wicker Park for Architecture Lovers

We’ve found some of the best Architecture in the Wicker Park neighborhood and created a tour as well as a list of the featured houses with pictures. For anyone visiting Holiday Jones in the coming months, we recommend taking some time and walking around the neighborhood. Follow our tour and check out some of the