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Best Places to Watch NFL Games in Wicker Park

Now that the NFL season is upon us, you may be wondering where in Wicker Park y

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Top 10 Most Instagramed Restaurants in Chicago

What better way to determine whether or not to go to a restaurant, than by seeing how many strangers take pictures of it’s food. If you think about it, it’s the ultimate form of flattery. Instead of diving right into a delicious meal you resist the urge to feel instant gratification and snap a picture of   


Best Chicago Themed Halloween Costumes

If you find yourself coming to Chicago Halloween weekend, why not take some time and get into the Halloween spirit?  Let’s take it a step further and get into the Chicago spirit. Mix these spirits together and you’ve got a fantastic Halloween weekend cocktail. We encourage all of our guests at the hostel to wear their   



It can be hard to save money when visiting Chicago on the weekend. Many of the special deals and promotions are for the weekdays when there aren’t as many tourist in the city. However, there are still plenty of ways to budget your visit to Chicago during the weekend.


Concerts in Chicago This October

This Fall in Chicago is a great time for concert goers. There are some heavy hitter visiting this month. Along with the heavy hitters are some fantastic indy acts that are worth checking out. Be sure to check out our Chicago Events page to find more activities going on in Chicago in October 2015.


Where to Watch Your Sports Team in Chicago: NFL Edition

We know how hard it can be to not be able to watch your favorite NFL team while you’re away from home. For those fans that have a fancy package that lets them watch their team on a mobile device, good for you. You can stop reading this if you want. Another option might be   


Visit These Famous Movie Scene Locations in Chicago

O’Hare Airport Home Alone, Sleepless in Seattle It’s kind of hard to avoid this location when visiting Chicago, especially travelling internationally. O’hare might be the bane of some traveler’s existence, but it’s also home to a few movie scenes. Remember the movie Home Alone? Of course you do! The scene where the family was rushing   


We Now Have Beer!

Holiday Jones is pleased to announce that they are now serving adult beverages. 5411 Empanadas located within Holiday Jones, now offers a variety of beers on draft as well as wine. We would love to give list of all the beers we have on draft, but it’s such a new thing that the current writer   


Best Running Paths in Chicago

Chicago is a running city. The Chicago Marathon is the second largest marathon in the world. New York is the biggest, once again fueling Chicago’s inferiority complex to New York. Last year’s Chicago Marathon had 40,595 finishers. It’s become so large that a lottery system was set in place and 71,300 runners applied in 2014.   


What To Bring Back Home From Your Chicago Trip

Make some room in your carry on because it’s time to learn which local products you should bring back to your home.  In Chicago, we love our food and booze, so most of this list will include these items. Buying a tshirt with Chicago written on it is the easy way out. When you visit   


Best Pictures From Lollapalooza Weekend

We scoured through the entire internets to find what we consider the absolute best pictures from Lollapalooza weekend 2015… actually we just searched the hashtag #lolla on Instagram and picked whatever pictures we thought looked cool (much time was lost  when our editor went down a rabbit hole when he found the edm babes hashtag). Lollapalooza