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Best Places to Watch NFL Games in Wicker Park

Now that the NFL season is upon us, you may be wondering where in Wicker Park y

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Holiday Jones Featured on Money.com

The inquisitive folks over at AOL Time Warner subsidiary Money.com were nice enough to pen a (diffidently) positive article all about Holiday Jones (with a small nod to a handful of other hospitality establishments around the country). A few noteworthy rectifications: 1.  The article makes reference to a “dialed-in staff” that know the area’s best   


HAIM @ The Riviera Theatre

At Holiday Jones, our frontdesk is basically a novelty DJ booth built out of speakers and therefore, must have music played out of it at all times.  As a company, our tastes run the gamut: Robby likes R&B; Madeline likes indie rock that was popular 10-years ago; Nyle likes whoever’s playing Lollapalooza this year; J.J. likes   


Chicago Veganmania 5: Sept. 21st

For it’s rich history of stockyards and sausage filling, you’d think the last thing Chicago would do well, let alone even have a handle on, would be vegan food.  But if you’ve had the pleasure of trying such amazing culinary establishments as Mana Food Bar, Handlebar, Native Foods, Soul Vegetarian East, Karyn’s on Green, or The Chicago   


Chicago Jazz Festival: Aug. 29-Sept. 1

Musically, Chicago is so well known for it’s Blues and Hip-Hop luminaries, its role in the Jazz game often gets overlooked.  Lest we forget Chicago was home to such greats as Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five, Benny “the King of Swing” Goodman, and Bix Beiderbecke.  Sure, all those people are dead now,   


Remix Chicago: Aug. 31 & Sept. 1

When it comes to recycling, there’s a big emphasis put upon throwing plastic bottles into a blue bin, but that’s really only half the battle. The second half is actually reusing the stuff you throw away. Remix Chicago is all about the second half of that recycling challenge. The festival is a showcase for local   


Misha Ashton-Moore at Bucktown Arts Fest

Now that everyone has an iPhone, it seems like everybody thinks they’re a professional photographer (Lord knows we’re definitely guilty of this.  Have you seen our Instagram?).  That thought goes right out the window the second you lay your eyes upon the wonderous, brain-melting, work of photographer, graphic designer, and friend of Holiday Jones, Misha Ashton-Moore.  The colors,   


Chicago Air and Water Show: August 17-18

The 2013 Chicago Air and Water Show is making its 55th annual summer appearance at the Windy City’s North Avenue Beach August 17th and 18th, Join millions of spectators and get front row seats to the largest FREE air and water show of its kind in the entire country. Watch top pilots demonstrate their skill and grace   


Wicker Park Fest July 27-28

Wicker Park Fest is coming to Chicago the weekend of July 27-28. Located in the middle of our Urban Holiday and Holiday Jones properties this event is described as Chicago’s “best street festival of the summer” buy the Chicago Tribune. The festival calls itself “the definitive culmination of cutting edge music, celebrated local restaurants and