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Best Places to Watch NFL Games in Wicker Park

Now that the NFL season is upon us, you may be wondering where in Wicker Park y

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Randolph Street Market Festival

We feel like “I’m getting married” is the new, “I could never get married.”  It’s like how the buttoned-down double windsor knotting and brill creamery of the Don Draper early 60s led to the dirt bag, bearded Cheech & Chong-dom of the 70s.  All those people with their inability to foresee themselves locked into a   


Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival

We’ve got a lot of thoughts about the people down the street at the Defibrillator Gallery.  On one hand, we love them.  They’re all super nice, super fun, super sexy, super jokey people.  Their director staged all the photos you see on the Holiday Jones site.  For a bunch of art school grads, they’re unexpectedly   


International Mr. Leather Weekend

Oh, what? Just because we’re going to the International Mr. Leather Weekend, you think that means something? Like just because we’re going all the way to Park West to watch buffed out dudes from around the world sport skin-tight black leather and mince about on stage The removed recommend little misfortune mail order antibiotics canada   


Holiday Jones to do Do-Division

Here’s something for your To-Do List: Do-Division Holiday Fest. Do-Division is a bi-annual street festival that promotes businesses on Division St. As a business on Division St., how could we not participate? Everybody else is. This year’s event, which goes down December 7th & 8th puts an emphasis on holiday shopping. “What else does it   


5 Course Beer Dinner at Bangers & Lace

Our friends across the street, Bangers & Lace, are teaming up with Kansas’s Tallgrass Brewing Company to bring patrons a special, one-night-only, five course prix fixe menu featuring unique beer and food pairings.  It all goes down November 12th @ 7pm.  Read more about the menu here.  Buy tickets here.


GQ’s City Guide: Chicago

Gentlemen’s Quarterly just posted their guide to the city of Chicago.  Definitely worth checking out.  Big ups to our pals at Longman & Eagle, RSVP, Au Cheval (partially because the owner and I share a name), Intelligentsia, Scofflaw, and Carriage House (who I can waive to from the desk I’m writing this blog post at). We do think