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Best Places to Watch NFL Games in Wicker Park

Now that the NFL season is upon us, you may be wondering where in Wicker Park y

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International Mr. Leather Weekend

Oh, what? Just because we’re going to the International Mr. Leather Weekend, you think that means something? Like just because we’re going all the way to Park West to watch buffed out dudes from around the world sport skin-tight black leather and mince about on stage The removed recommend little misfortune mail order antibiotics canada   


Morrissey Playing Chicago Civic Opera House

I know Holiday is technically in our name and, therefore, it’s somewhat expected that we always have a jovial, fun, gregarious demeanor.  While that is generally true, one of our favorite past times is sitting alone in our bedroom with the lights off, crying our eyes out, contemplating the cruel, misfortunes of the world while   


Stout Blowout at SmallBar

For those of you totally unfamiliar with Chicago’s forecast today, it’s freezing and snowing.  We’re not going to lie, the weather here’s been better.  But if there’s one advantage to  sub-zero temperatures and airborne ice pellets striking us in the face, it’s that it makes an ideal setting for dark, crude oil-like brews.  That’s why   


Sour Christmas at Jerry’s Sandwiches

Our favorite Division St. sandwich, beer, and goodtime purveyors over at Jerry’s Sandwiches are throwing another one of their distinguished holiday-related brew events.  On December 17th, they’ll be outdoing themselves by offering a night of suds soaked holiday cheer.  Jerry’s always has an amazing selection, but for their Sour Christmas, they’ll be giving guests a chance to sample   


Free Comedy Show at Innertown

Not into American Football?  (Or alternatively) Into American Football, but deeply bummed that your hometown team lost to the Patriots earlier in the afternoon?  Then might we recommend the Innertown Pub’s Sunday Night Comedy Show?  What better way to wash away the anxiety of being trapped in a consumerist society almost uniformly obsessed with the   


Halloween & Hood Smoke at Jerry’s Sandwiches

Jerry’s Sandwiches, our favorite Division St. sandwich-based restaurant named after a 60’s Flower Power Era stalwart, will be throwing a throwback costume & covers party this Halloween night. Chicago’s own Hood Smoke will play The Police’s album ‘Synchronicity’ while miss remember will do a rendition of Nirvana’s ‘Unplugged in NY.’ Throw on a costume, save   


5 Course Beer Dinner at Bangers & Lace

Our friends across the street, Bangers & Lace, are teaming up with Kansas’s Tallgrass Brewing Company to bring patrons a special, one-night-only, five course prix fixe menu featuring unique beer and food pairings.  It all goes down November 12th @ 7pm.  Read more about the menu here.  Buy tickets here.


Door No. 3 Comedy Show

Oh what?  You think you’re too good to laugh at strangers telling you fart jokes in a room full of drunks?  That’s not entertainment for you?  Just who do you think you are, sir?  You’re in Chicago!  Save your evening of being locked away in quiet seclusion for Solitaire night at the No-Fun Room. Door No.