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Best Places to Watch NFL Games in Wicker Park

Now that the NFL season is upon us, you may be wondering where in Wicker Park y

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Top 10 Artists to See at Riot Fest

Have you even looked at the line up for this year’s show?  It’s an abyss.  We know what you’re thinking.  You’re saying outloud from the desk at your soul-crushing office job, “I’m flummoxed enough just trying to coordinate travel and lodging in Chicago.  How am I suppose to navigate such a hodgepodge entanglement of entertainment?”  Well   


Top 10 List of 2016 Pitchfork Festival Performers

It’s that time of year. Pitchfork released this year’s festival line-up. Now it’s on us to sift through the galumphing manifest of performers and decide who we see live on stage and who we see on YouTube at home four weeks later. 10) Thundercat We like all of Stepehen Bruner’s psychedelic, R&B, jazzy funk-punk, doom   


Top Ten Greatest Grateful Dead Songs

In honor of The Grateful Dead reuniting in our very own backyard for three back-to-back shows, we, at Holiday Jones, concluded a fitting tribute, and act of celebration, would be to narrow the Dead’s extensive and blistering catalogue down to ten single songs that resonate with us the most. But before we get started on   


Tomorrow Never Knows 2015

Chicago is a city where music festivals run rampant. The tentpoles of our Summer run from Do Division to Third Rail to The Chicago Blues Festival to Spring Awakening to Riverwest to Pitchfork to Lollapalooza to North Coast to Riot Fest to the Hideout Block Party. But arguably the most compelling, and wistfully overlooked, is   


Holiday Jones Ranks All of Alkaline Trio’s Albums

In honor of our hometown (particularly Wicker Park) heroes, Alkaline Trio, announcing that they will be playing every one of their albums, in-full, live at the Metro this October, we decided to dust off our old compact disc collection, listen to all eight records, then rank them from not-so-greatest to greatest. 8. Agony & Irony (2008) –   


Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival

We’ve got a lot of thoughts about the people down the street at the Defibrillator Gallery.  On one hand, we love them.  They’re all super nice, super fun, super sexy, super jokey people.  Their director staged all the photos you see on the Holiday Jones site.  For a bunch of art school grads, they’re unexpectedly   


Acts We’re Most Excited to See and Avoid at 2014 Chicago Riot Fest

Now that the 2014 Chicago Riot Fest line-up is out, it’s time to meticulously go through the list and declare outloud to no one in particular which bands we’re most excited about seeing (which all but cosmically guarantees that the about-to-be mentioned bands will be scheduled to play at the same time on different stages,   


HAIM @ The Riviera Theatre

At Holiday Jones, our frontdesk is basically a novelty DJ booth built out of speakers and therefore, must have music played out of it at all times.  As a company, our tastes run the gamut: Robby likes R&B; Madeline likes indie rock that was popular 10-years ago; Nyle likes whoever’s playing Lollapalooza this year; J.J. likes   


Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago 2014 Line-up Announced

There’s something so surreal about the 2014 Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago being announced right now.  It’s hard to imagine on days like today, in weeks like this week, in months like this month, in Winters like this Winter, that there even is a Summer in Chicago.  That expansive tracts of green grass can be cleared   


Art & Appetite @ Art Institute

We can’t have something new without getting rid of something old.  So as we welcome the new year, we must say peace out to the wonderful Art and Appetite: American Painting, Culture, and Cuisine exhibit at the Art Institute. Boy, did we have some good time there.  We saw that Andy Warhol soup can, we