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Top 10 Most Instagramed Restaurants in Chicago

What better way to determine whether or not to go to a restaurant, than by seeing how many strangers take pictures of it’s food. If you think about it, it’s the ultimate form of flattery. Instead of diving right into a delicious meal you resist the urge to feel instant gratification and snap a picture of the perfectly plated meal. Some might say, just because it looks good doesn’t mean it tastes good. Touche, however, we like to think most pictures are posted after the fact. meaning, if it was beautiful, but tasted awful, who would proceed to promote their meal to their followers? Delusional narcissists, that’s who. So we’re going to trust all the strangers out their taking pictures of their food and use the top 10 most Instagramed restaurants in Chicago guide us to the very best Chicago cuisine has to offer. You might be asking “Where and how did you collect these statistics in order to determine to the top 10 most Instagramed restaurants?” That’s a great question. We used the findings of myfab5.com, an app that allowed users to find and share rankings of the best food in any city. The app has a feature which allows users to attach Instagram photos of their restaurant rankings. They posted an article on it Here. We’re basing our lists off of their findings.


1) Little Goat

little goat chicago

Beating all restaurants including it’s big sister Girl and the Goat, little goat is a diner style brunch spot favorite in the west loop. If you do brunch, do it here.

2) Giordano’s

giordanos Chicago

This one does not come as a shock at all. It’s the spokesman for all of Chicago Pizza. We’re not saying it’s the best Chicago style pizza in the city, but it’s still delicious. We’re also not here to get into the Pizza style debate. It’s been over debated and nobody wins. Hate it or love it, Giordano’s pizza is the second most Instagramed restaurant in Chicago.

3) Au Cheval

au cheval chicago

The most talked about burger in Chicago if not the country. Seriously this place has become semi famous for it’s burger. People from all over claim this is one of the most delicious burgers they’ve ever had. Search the Hashtag aucheval and you will see infinite amounts of burgers in infinite amounts of filters. It sounds super fancy, but technically it’s a diner so go ahead and wear your loose in the waist fitting jeans.

4) Gino’s East

ginos east Chicago

Seriously, is pizza the main reason why people come and visit Chicago?  We hope not. There is plenty more things to do then eat deep dish pizza. That being said, Gino’s east is also delicious pizza and makes for a good food picture.

5) Big Star

big star Chicago

This Chicago taco joint is super close to the hostel (within a mile). On a hot sunny day in the summer, Big Star is the place to be. Tacos, margaritas, beer and a patio. It’s what keeps the locals from moving away during the winter. Big star tacos are delicious and deserve to make this list. Also, Big Star is now being served in the United Center.

6) Longman & Eagle

longman and eagle

also not far from the hostel, Longman and Eagle come in at number six, with their impressive Belgian beer list and tasty food items (fried Chicken!)

7) Girl and The Goat

girl and the goat

Made famous by the first ever female Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard, Girl and The Goat offers really tasty unique shared tapas style dishes. Like with all tapas places, it tends to bring a lot of foodies and female get togethers, which is the perfect combination to win the top 10 most Instagramed restaurant in Chicago award. Reservation times can sometimes be a month or two in advance. So if you’re planning on a visit to Girl and the Goat be sure to call ahead.

8) Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

lou malnatis

Refer to number 4 on this list for our thoughts on the matter.

9) The Publican

The publican Chicago

Publican is described as a seafood and pork focused menu, with international beers and a hip atmosphere. That short description should be more than enough to convince you to eat there.

10) The Purple Pig

purple pig Chicago

Located in the heart of Tourist Michigan avenue, the Purple pig offers small shared plates. If you find yourself famished after a day of shopping on Michigan avenue, Purple Pig is your huckleberry.