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Best Places to Watch NFL Games in Wicker Park

Now that the NFL season is upon us, you may be wondering where in Wicker Park y

5411 Menu



Beef Malbec

5411 beef malbec

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken Empanada

Ham And Cheese

Ham and Cheese Empanada

Bacon And Goat Cheese

bacon and goat cheese empanada

Chorizo and Patatas Bravas

chorizo and patatas bravas empanadas

Spinach And Cheese

spinach and cheese empanada

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Empanada

Caramelized Onion And Parmesan

carmalized onion and parmesean


Ratatouille Empanada

Mushroom and Thyme

mushroom and thyme empanada

Banana and Nutella

banana and thyme

Bacon Cheddar and Egg

bacon cheddar egg empanada

Chorizo Black Bean and Egg

chorizo black bean and egg empanada

Veggie and Egg

veggie and egg empanada