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Best Places to Watch NFL Games in Wicker Park

Now that the NFL season is upon us, you may be wondering where in Wicker Park y

Food & Drink

When we took over the building here at 1659 W. Division St., we knew exactly what we wanted to do with the top floors: convert them into the single best boutique hospitality establishment Chicago had ever seen.  As for the bottom retail space, we were less certain.  The space is right on West Division Street, Wicker Park’s premier drag, home to many of Chicago’s best restaurants and bars.  So we knew whatever it was that was going into the space would have to be something truly extraordinary to stand out on an already extraordinary street.  Additionally, we wanted something that fit with Holiday Jones, meaning we wanted something cool and unique, yet appealing to the discerning, value-conscious, guests that would be occupying our hospitality establishment.  5411 Empandas at Holiday Jones Chicago

Baked 5411 Empanadas Holiday Jones Wicker ParkIt took some time (as all great things do), but eventually our path crossed with the folks of 5411 Empanadas.  Much like us, they were a young, rag-tag, group of ambitious upstarts, only with exotic Argentine accents, and alluring tans.  They were hungry to transition their business from a food truck, to brick-and-mortar establishments.  And we were just hungry.  Hungry for their delicious native baked delights that we still struggle to properly pronounce.

Smash cut to right now.  They’re inside of us!  Baking up their ever-so enticing empanadas and slinging hot shots of espresso, in a sensual South American way, for all to enjoy.